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Snorkeling Formentera

Underwater adventure

Join our snorkeling tour in Formentera. We will take you to fantastic places that you can only go by boat.


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Snorkeling Formentera Tour

Price: 75 € 

Departure: Puerto de La Savina 11:30 a.m.

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Includes: fins, snorkel, mask, RIB boat navigation (12 people), instructor, wetsuit if is necessary.

Private: for closed groups with boat, guide and equipment. Check price and dates:

Map snorkeling in Formentera

map snorkeling formentera

The route of the Snorkel excursion in Formentera is variable based on each group and the wind and sea conditions of that day:

We always visit the Ibiza Formentera Natural Park, but we can follow the north route with the Espalmador island (in blue on the map), the southern route to the caves and Cala Saona. Or both if conditions allow and the group wants it.

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Formentera Snorkeling Tour

All you need to know

Below you will find all the information of our Snorkeling tour in Formentera.

How is the snorkeling excursion in Formentera?

Starting at the port of La Savina, we will take a speedboat tour (RIB for 12 people) through the Ibiza Formentera Natural Park. During this tour we will pass in front of the Illetes beach and them we will disembark on the island of Espalmador, then we will navigate to the next stop at Cala del Moro, then we will continue through Cala Saona until the caves. Finally we will make a relaxing stop before returning to the port.

At different points of this tour we will make snorkeling stops, always supervised by the captain.

Keep in mind that this route can be modified for passenger safety or comfort.

How long is the tour?

From 11:30 a.m.. Beginning and ending in the port of La Savina.

The stops at each site depend on the particular groups, but usually they are about 20 to 40 minutes.

Do I need previous experience to snorkel in Formentera? Do I have to know how to swim?

It is not necessary any previous knowledge, diving with tube in Formentera (snorkeling) is very simple and adaptable to anyone.


In the case of not knowing how to swim, it is not a problem, just inform the captain, he will provide you with a life jacket from the beginning of the tour.

What do you see on the snorkeling tour in Formentera?

The visibility of the water in Formentera is one of the best in the Mediterranean, which will allow you to see: posidonia meadows, rock formations, starfish, caves and if you are lucky some octopus, groupers or sargos.


When touring the natural park you can enjoy beaches that can only be accessed by boat.

What should I take to the tour?

In addition to the swimsuit, we recommend sunglasses, hat, water and water camera. Glasses and snorkel tube are included. You can bring something to eat.


If you come in spring, when the sea is a little colder, we will provide you with a shorty wetsuit, so do not forget to mention your size at the booking.

What does the tour include?

Includes transfer by boat, permanent assistance of the captain, all the necessary technical equipment: glasses, tube, fins, neoprene if necessary.

The boat has awnings and side ladder.

How many people go on each excursion?

Each boat has a capacity of 12 people who sit on the sides of the boat. The tour may or may not leave full.

Can the children do Snorkeling Formentera?

This tour in Formentera is ideal for families. Children over 2 years old can participate. It is important that children come protected from the sun.

What happens if there is bad weather or if I want to cancel my booking?

In case the captain decides to cancel the tour because there is bad weather, 100% of the money will be refunded immediately.


If the client wants to cancel his reservation with an anticipation of 7 days or more, we return 100% of the money. If the cancellation is with less time, each case will be analyzed.