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Formentera bike rental

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What is included in the rental of bicycles in Formentera?

Bicycle locks, lights, helmets, vests. Also baskets
(but only with the bolero, trekking and e-bike models).


Children’s chair, load max 15 Kg (recommended with the trekking model).


Roadside assistance.


Offices at main points: Puerto La Savina, Es Pujols, Migjorn km 13, Migjorn Ca Mari.


Free delivery to your accommodation (subject to conditions explained below).

Formentera by Bicycle.

All you need to know.

Can you visit Formentera by bike?

Formentera is a very small island (18 km long) and quite flat, ideal for cycling. The elevated area of La Mola is the only difficulty (200 meters above sea level), otherwise (beaches and villages), they are easily accessible by bike.

Formentera has alternative paths to the main roads, special for bicycles, the name is Green Routes (you can download the map or request it when you arrive at the Maritime station in Reports).

If you come for the day, there is a bike path by the sea (you don’t need to go on the road). The trail goes from the port to the famous beaches of Illetes and will take you about 15 minutes.

Best bike route in Formentera.

If you want to know Formentera by bike in one day, the best route is: take the bike in La Savina Port, follow the red path to be next to the sea, from there pedal to Illetes. Then visit the town of Es Pujols (2 km away).

If you want more adventure, from there there is a rural road to the beaches of Migjorn crossing the island from one point to another, then follow a path by the sea until you go to the road that goes to the Es Cap Lighthouse. On the way back you will pass through San Francisco and then taking the path of Los Molinos to return to the port.

The tour is about 3 hours on the bike and you can take all day to do it, while enjoying the beaches and bars.

What bike model to rent in Formentera?

The classic beach bike, with the basket in front, is a postcard from the island of Formentera and is ideal for getting around the beach area. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have gears, that’s why it’s cheaper (you won’t miss the gears for a short route).

If you plan to ride a little more, for example, go by bike to La Mola or Es Cap Lighthouse, then we recommend Trekking or E-bike models.

Remember that electric bikes are heavier, not so convenient for rough areas. The MTB bike is the ideal option if you are going to move on gravel trails, or roads with some more difficulty and unevenness (we have an electric MTB option).

What is the price of bicycles in Formentera?

Prices vary between high season (July / August) and the rest of the year. On the other hand, the more days you take it, the better the price per day. Without buying commitment, calculate exactly how much your bike will cost in Formentera using our search box (which is on this sheet).

If you want to rent the bike for a group (more than 15 people). The price for the day is € 10 (and if there are more days the price is decreasing).

La Mola by bike.

If your plan is to go to La Mola (town and lighthouse on a mountain of 200 meters above sea level), the best is a model with gears (as Trekking, MTB or E-Bike). Calculate that the climb is intense and you must add the 15 km from the Port. If you want to upload we recommend that it be on Wednesdays or Sundays that there is Hippie Market and live music in the afternoon. Another important recommendation is that you control the lights (surely you will go down after sunset).

Bike rental in the Port of Formentera.

If you come by ferry from Ibiza the best option is that your rental has an office in the only port of the island: La Savina. In our booking engine put in “Delivery Office” the option “Port of Formentera (La Savina)”.

If you are looking for a good ferry + bike alternative, we have a special price of € 45 for the round trip fast ferry (at any time) + bike. Make your reservation to

What if I arrive at the port of Formentera with luggage?

In that case the best option is to take a taxi (usually € 8 to € 14 depending on the distance) to your accommodation and when booking your bike in our reservation box, choose the closest option (for example: Pujols or Punta Prima, etc.) to pick up your bike there. If there is no office nearby, select the option “Puerto de La Savina” and in “Observations” indicate the address of your accommodation and the time you want us to take the bicycles (do not forget your mobile).

If you have booked your accommodation with Formentera Natural, we will take your luggage free of charge, round trip.

How much does it cost to take the bicycle to my accommodation in Formentera?

If you do not have a delivery office near your accommodation, you have the option we delivery the bicycles to your accommodation. However, this option is viable only if there is no office nearby. This service has no additional costs, but you must take into account two fundamental points:

1- The delivery is made once a day, if when you take the bike you are not to receive it, you must wait the next day.

2- Formentera has many internal roads, so you must be very clear when indicating your address, delivery schedule and one or two contact mobiles.

Go around Formentera by bike.

Going around Formentera by bicycle requires training and a good MTB bike (because you will travel many rural roads and stone paths). We have different quality models and prices for this, even since 2020 we have an electric MTB that is ideal for the island (E-MTB SCOTT). You can see all the options without purchase commitment, completing your dates in the reservation box.

To download the map of the green routes follow this link: Formentera bicycle routes.

If you want to ask us about your tour, it will be a pleasure to answer you. Write to

Formentera by bicycle with children. Formentera bike chair.

If you plan to take a ride with your children by bicycle in Formentera and he/she has less than 15 kg, you can add a child seat to our Trekking model (the bikes with gears are better option to carry weight).

When making your reservation online, add to “Observations” that requires a child seat and the child’s age. When you search for the bicycle you will also pick up the chair (keep in mind that if you make the reservation for the same day there may be no availability).

Where to rent children’s bicycle trailer in Formentera?

So far (2020 season) there is no option for children’s bicycle trailer on the island, with this we mean the one that is added to the bicycle and has its own wheels.

You will only find for children: child seat and small bicycles for children.

Bicycle for children in Formentera.

If you want to rent a bike for children in Formentera you just have to choose the option “MTB” (it is the bicycle for adults) and in “Observation” indicate the age and approximate height of your child (we have several measures).

Please keep in mind that the circulation of bicycles with side wheels is not allowed on the island’s roads, so your child should be able to ride a bike by himself.

We also have helmets for children.

Bicycles for Groups in Formentera.

If you come to the island with a group of more than 10 people, ask us about budgets at We have options for up to 100 people, with special prices for groups, transfer of bicycles in Formentera and coordinators in English, Spanish and French.

Bicycle guide in Formentera.

We organize guided bicycle tour in Formentera but only for private groups. These groups can be small or for many members.

The prices per coordinator are adaptable to the number of hours and the route, so it is best to ask for the information by mail.

Rent electric bicycles in Formentera.

We have two models of electric bicycles in Formentera. On the one hand we have the ideal multifunctional option for Formentera, and on the other we have an electric MTB option. All models are 2019/20, so the batteries are new fast charging and autonomy. To book simply fill in the dates in the reservation box following the link