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Rent a car Formentera

Alquiler Mehari Formentera

Office in the Port, Es Pujols, Migjorn, Punta Prima and Ca Marí.

Assistance and insurance with excess.

Many options of Electric cars.

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Car rental Formentera. Our most popular models:

At the bottom of this page you will find our reservation system. Based on your dates, select the model that you liked.

Alquiler Panda Formentera


The cheapest car.

5 seats. Engine 1.2.

Ideal for Formentera.

Rent a car Formentera


For all tastes..

5 seats. Spacious.

New cars.

Coche automatico Formentera


Thee family option.

5 seats. Engine 1.6

Very easy to drive.

Mehari Formentera

The classic

A postcard from the island.

No power steering.

Fun and charming.

Coche Electrico Formentera

BMW Electric

Style and sustainability.

Great autonomy, new batteries.

Charging points throughout the island.

alquiler Jeep Formentera


Power and comfort.

5 seats. Convertible.

Ideal rural accommodation.

Car hire Formentera Spain:

All you need to know

If you’re thinking which model is the best for the island of Formentera, we’ll give you some tips:


Size: Formentera has very limited parking and many streets are stretched (many rural streets). For this reason small cars like the Panda are the most used on the island.


Power: the power of the car is not usually important, since the island is small, it only has one road and the traffic cannot be fast.


Capacidad: police checks are very frequent and fines are high, therefore it is recommended not to exceed the plazas of the vehicle ever.


Conditioned air: all the car options (except the classic Mehari) are conditional.


Eléctricos: the island is designed to encourage the use of electric cars. There are free points of charge in all towns. Además no pagan parking at the charging points.


Prices: To compare prices only you have to go to our reservation system.

Do I need a license to drive in Formentera?

It is not possible to hire any motor vehicle in Formentera without a license. On the other hand, police controls are very common. To rent a car in Formentera you need:


Valid driver’s license if you are Spanish or belong to the European community (or one of the countries with an agreement). International license if you do not belong to EU member countries or your country does not have an agreement with Spain (photos or photocopies will not be accepted).


Credit card. In case you do not have one, you can make the reservation with your debit card if you contract the elimination of excess.

Can I cross with my rental car from Ibiza to Formentera?

It is something totally prohibited and punishable. The fines range from: €1,000 to €10,000 for those people and companies that cross rental cars to Formentera. The photo of the vehicle is taken when leaving the ferry with hidden cameras. You can see the regulations at this link on the official website.

What is the minimum age to rent a vehicle in Formentera?

To drive a car in Formentera you need:


– Be over 21 years old and have 2 years of experience on your A, B, C, D or F license.

– Be over 25 years old with 2 years of experience for 4×4 and special cars.

Can I deliver the car to a different office than the pick up?

You can pick up and deliver the car at any of the associated offices that appear in the web browser. But the order must be made when making the reservation or at the pick up.

Why does it say “… or similar”? (On the Formentera Natural car rental website).

On rare occasions it happens that the car is not available for delivery (either because the previous client has been delayed, or it was not in condition), in those cases we will give you a vehicle of the same or higher category than the one selected to compensate.


In the case of the classic Mehari, there is no “similar” car, so it will be dealt with particularly if there are any setbacks.

What insurance is included in the car rental in Formentera?

Rental cars in Formentera always have General Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance. However, it is always rented with a franchise (franquicia in Spanish), you can eliminate this franchise if you pay a supplement per day.

How to eliminate the franchise? How to have total insurance when renting a car in Formentera?

To have Total Insurance or eliminate franchise (the excess), you pay a daily extra that goes from €12 to €14 for the cheapest cars, and €16 to €27 for the most expensive cars.


The supplement to eliminate the excess must be added when signing the contract at the Formentera office, not before.

What is the excess or franchise in car rental in Formentera?

It is the maximum amount that a client must pay in case of damage or theft. For example, in the case of the Fiat Panda (the cheapest car), the vehicle has insurance with an excess of €600, meaning that in case of damage or theft, the customer must pay a maximum of €600 + VAT for the repair. or compensation, from that amount the following expenses will be paid by the insurance.


Now, if you eliminates the franchise (for the Panda paying an extra €12 per day), in case of damage or theft, you will not have to pay anything.

Price of eliminating the Franchise 2024:

To find out which franchise corresponding to each car in Formentera:

Each car has an assigned letter (A,B, C, D, E…) and that letter corresponds to a group with an Excess value (for example A of €600) and an extra payment amount to eliminate that excess (for example A is €12).


FRANCHISES 2024 for most common MODELS:


  • Fiat Panda: Group A: €600Eliminate the Excess €12 per day.Mitsubishi Space, Peugeot 2008. Groups B and C: €700.Eliminate the Excess €14 per day.Renault Captur, Automatic, Smart Cabrio, Fiat 500, Suzuky Jimmy, E-Meharï and Mehari Classic Groups D, D1, F, G, K2, G2, L, K, J, HH, H, I, 2: €800.Eliminate the Excess €16 per day.Traffic Group P: €1,000.Eliminate the Excess €27 per day.Mini Cabrio, Jeep Wrangler, New Jeep Wrangler. Groups 3, 4, 5: €2,500.

    Eliminate the Excess €27 per day.


    * VAT included in the extra price per day / VAT not included in the franchise price.

What does not include the elimination of car franchise in Formentera?

Breakage of tires and covers. If you want this to be covered too, there is an extra €2 to €4 per day depending on the model (VAT included).


If you leave the keys inside the car and it is locked. To solve this inconvenience, €15 is charged.


For the loss of original keys, €250 to €350 are charged, depending on the model.

Is fuel included in the car rental in Formentera?

The car is delivered with fuel, a note is taken and it must be returned with the same amount. If it is returned with less, the difference will be charged.

How can I modify or cancel the car reservations made online?

You can cancel (up to 72 hours at no cost) or modify your reservation without problems. To do this, write to us at or call us at 0034 971 321 274.

What price does the cancellation have on the web? Can I have my money back?

There is no cost as long as it is at least 72 hours prior to arrival, then refunds are not allowed.

Where do I pick up my rental car in Formentera?

When you leave the Formentera maritime terminal (La Savina) you only have to travel 100 meters. Delivery will be made at our car rental office. All the information will send to your email when you complete the reservation.

Can I deliver the car after the La Savina office has closed?

If you have to deliver the car at night (3 am for example), we have a mailbox for you to leave the key and parking at the port. Please, tell us when you pick up the car or call this number if you decide once you pick it up: 0034 971 321 274.

Hire a car in Formentera with child seat.

We have two options for children: one is the baby chair (or egg) and the elevator for older children.


To request it, when completing the reservation you must fill in the “Observations” box with the request for the seat or booster (ideal if you indicate the age and weight of the child). When removing the car the chair will be waiting.

The price per day of the seat is €4 and the elevator is €3.

Prices and Reservations: