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What does the car rental in Formentera include?



Full insurance with franchise (optional 9-16 € elimination franchise, s / model).


Offices in main points: Puerto La Savina, Es Pujols, Migjorn.


Delivery to your accommodation.


Assistance on the road.


Unlimited mileage.


1 driver (additional driver € 3 x day)


Economic, family cars, 4×4, electric, cabriolets, etc.

Rent a car in Formentera:

All you need to know:

Do I need a license to drive in Formentera?

It is not possible to rent any vehicle without a license in Formentera. On the other hand, police checks are common.

Can I cross with my rental car from Ibiza to Formentera?

By Balearic regulations, if you cross your rental car from Ibiza to Formentera, the vehicle automatically loses its insurance. On the other hand, the costs are high and in comparison it is more profitable to take the ferry and have a rental car in the Port of La Savina waiting.

What is the minimum age to drive a vehicle in Formentera?

To drive a car in Formentera you must be over 21 years old and have 2 years of experience and over 25 years old with 2 years of experience for 4x4s.

Can I deliver my car to a different office than the pick up on the island of Formentera?

You can collect and deliver the car at any of the associated offices listed in the web search engine. But the request must be made when making the reservation.

In the web car rental in Formentera. Why does it say: “… or Similar.”

On rare occasions it happens that the car is not available for delivery, in that case we will give you a vehicle of a higher category than the selected one. In the case of the old Mehari, there is no “similar” car but it is listed by template, so a Mehari will be delivered.

What insurance is included in the car rental in Formentera?

Car rental in Formentera always consists of Mandatory automobile insurance and Civil Liability. However, this insurance does not include: Tires, rims, interiors, mirrors, glass. Breaks due to negligence or poor driving. Clutch. Dead days until its fix. Crane expenses.

How to have total insurance when renting a car in Formentera?

With an extra minimum (varies according to the vehicle, for example: € 9 the cheapest and € 18 the most expensive, per day) that is requested when picking up the car (not before), you can have full coverage. This is called “Eliminate Franchise”).

What is the franchise for motorcycle rental in Formentera?

It is the maximum amount that a client must pay in case of damage or theft. For example, if the franchise is 600 euros, in case of damage the customer must pay a maximum of 600 euros for the repair, from there the expenses will be borne by the insurance.

What is the price of eliminating the car franchise in Formentera?

Next to the cars in the web search engine will appear a Group (example A; B; C; etc.).

If you click on “Insurance and Rental Conditions” you will see the franchise of each group and the daily cost to eliminate that franchise and that the insurance cover any expense from the first euro.

Is fuel included in the car rental in Formentera?

The car is delivered with fuel, it is noted and must be delivered with the same amount. If it is delivered with less, the difference is charged.

How can I modify or cancel the car reservations made by web?

Write to us at or call us at 0034 971 321 274.

What is the price for cancellation on the website? Do you give me the money back?

There is no cost as long as it is a minimum 48 hours prior to the reservation, then returns are not accepted.

Where do I collect my rental car in Formentera?

When leaving the Formentera maritime terminal (La Savina) you only have to travel 100 meters. Delivery will be made at our branch for car rental. All the information will be sent to your email when completing the reservation.

Can I deliver the car after office hours in La Savina?

If you have to deliver the car at night (3 am for example), we have a mailbox for you to leave the key and parking at the port.

Car rental in Formentera with child seat.

When completing the reservation you must complete the “Observations” drawer and request a child seat indicating the age and weight of the child. When removing the car the chair will be waiting.

The price per day of the seat is 3-4 €.