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We like to collaborate with weddings in Formentera if the style is relaxed…. very Formentera style.


We can help you organize the event in an integral way, or if you prefer to be your own wedding planner, you can ask us for only one-off services.

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Your Wedding in Formentera

We can help you with:

The place of the wedding (house or restaurant).

Accommodation for guests and for the couple.

Solve contracts (vehicles, decoration, transfers, etc.).

The pre and post wedding (boat tour, appetizers, etc.).

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How to organize a wedding in Formentera?

All you need to know

Formentera is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, but organizing the event can be more complicated than you imagine. The island is small and the availability of accommodation and restaurants is soon saturated.

Below we give you the most useful recommendations to organize the best wedding in Formentera according to our 10 years of experience.

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What is the best date for a wedding in Formentera?

The best months are May, June (important: never during the San Juan festivities), September and October. The weather is good and more services are available.


In the months of July and August, it is the high season and it is very difficult to find accommodation for a short stay, so if your intention is to celebrate it in high season, you should start with the organization a year and a half before (so as not to have unforeseen events).


If you wonder if there is a lot of variation in price between months. The answer is yes. Formentera prices for accommodation have three steps (low, medium and high season):


May: the weather begins to improve (the storms are not so strong anymore) and the sun is already feeling. The sea water is still cold. Businesses usually open after Easter.


Accommodation prices are low and hotels usually accept reservations for a few nights.


June: the good weather begins. The beaches already invite you to swim.


The prices are average but they don’t take as many short-stay bookings anymore.


July: it is the best weather, it is hot and there is no rain. But the island is full of people and the restaurants and services are usually more saturated. The price is high season throughout.


In this month stays of less than one week are not accepted. Especially in the last two weeks of the month. The only ones that accept short stays are the luxury hotels: Casa Pacha, Teranka or Five Flower with prices above €700 per night per room.


August: the busiest month and with the most atmosphere. The prices are high.


Short stays are not accepted except in the aforementioned luxury hotels.


September: this month has two stages, the first two weeks and the rest of the month. The sea is still warm (but the first rains usually arrive in the middle of the month). It is the month of weddings in Formentera.


The price changes from approximately 10. Shorter stays are accepted after the first week.


October: the weather is usually more unstable and the sea remains warm until the arrival of the strongest storms. The island is already very quiet and many places tend to close after the first week or open only on weekends.


Prices are the lowest and stays can be short.

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Getting married in Formentera:

In general, those who choose Formentera usually make their legal union in another place and here they perform a symbolic ceremony. But if you want to get married legally in Formentera you have two options:

1. Getting married in Formentera by Church.

In Formentera you can get married in any of the 3 churches. San Francesc (the main church in the most picturesque town), San Ferran (a small church and a not so picturesque setting) or La Mola (in the mountains of the island, more isolated and with its charm).


The requirements are to be a Christian, to complete the procedure with time (it is a personal procedure). It is possible that to complete all the steps, the bride and groom must travel to Formentera at least 2 times and the witnesses once.


Shifts are usually 30 minutes or an hour of ceremony. The cost is agreed with the village priest and a donation is made on that price.


The Spanish government understands that the union by church meets all the requirements and the union is automatically accredited for the Spanish state regardless of nationality.

If you want the contact of the priest, you can ask us by email.

2. Getting married in Formentera through the Civil Registry.

In Formentera there is a court that marries only people registered on the island. For this you need the couple’s legal domicile to be on the island (regardless of seniority). The process is done in the court, it is not possible that it be in another place (the acts cannot be moved).


If you are not registered here, but you are Spanish, you can request a file transfer procedure. You start the order in your court and then ask for the transfer to Formentera. This usually takes about 2 or 3 months. Once the file is in Formentera, you can get married at the Civil Registry.

3. Celebrate a symbolic wedding in Formentera.

Whether you have been legally married elsewhere or you want to make a symbolic union, it is very common to celebrate that union or have a party in Formentera.


For many years ceremonies have been held on the beach, with guests dressed in white. That iconic image is no longer so common, because laws have been implemented that prohibit events on public beaches (with fines and controls).


The option that has been implemented since 2022 is to hold the ceremony in a restaurant with sea views or in a Villa, but there are very few houses that allow parties or ceremonies (most without sea views) and it is usually for groups. , very reduced (no more than 30 people with an extra cost for the celebration). For this reason, the best option is a restaurant.

Casarse en Formentera Playa
Getting married in a restaurant in Formentera

2023 getting married in Formentera in a restaurant is ideal for weddings. The sites that we will recommend to you have polished proposals and make sure that everything is perfect. The option is to hire some tables and share the space with the customers of the day or rent the restaurant privately.


The ceremony can be done in specific places that they have for them (all facing the sea or the sunset). Restaurants do not take care of the ceremony, they only give you the space or charge you an extra for it (depending on the case).

1. The best restaurants in Formentera for a wedding

In Migjorn Beach: 


Gecko  eIt is a classic, with very well distributed environments for the ceremony, the food and the party. High prices (important: they usually ask that the guests stay in the hotel, at least many of them). It has room to dance. 


10.7: Italian style beachfront restaurant, mid to high prices, with many wedding experience. You can dance after the meal.


Casa Pacha: privileged views over Migjorn beach, high prices, a great location and atmosphere. It allows dancing, it has a DJ.


Es Codol Foradat: With pretty views and high prices, you can count on Michelin-star chef Nandu Jubany’s dish design. High price. Dancing is allowed.


In Es Pujols: 


Chezz Guerdi another of the classics, they have everything very prepared for groups. You can choose a few tables or book the entire restaurant. The price is medium. It has a small section to dance with everything assembled.


Bocasalina: restaurant with good taste, Italian style and in front of the sea. Does not usually allow dancing. Medium high price.


Tahiti: with a more relaxed atmosphere, with a sandy space and in front of the sea. Dancing is allowed. Average price.


Five Flower: hotel with a large terrace and good views, ideal for small groups or for pre-wedding. High price.


Fandango: this new restaurant is on the beach. High price. It has sound equipment and DJ.


In Illetes Beach: 


Es Molí de Sal emblematic site on Illetes beach, an old salt mill with a privileged position. High price and classic style. They allow dancing if the site is contracted exclusively.


Beso Beach: recognized as one of the best beach bars in Spain. High prices and a lot of atmosphere. They have all the sound equipment.


In La Savina Port: 


Quimera: An excellent alternative for small groups, the hotel faces the lake and has access to the sand. The sunset is very beautiful. Prices are average. Dancing with the restaurant is allowed in private.

2. What you should know when choosing a restaurant:

– The menus are closed for groups and the proposal is very polished and it is better to adapt to the place than to try to make the place adapt to you.


Not all places allow dancing. Where dancing is allowed the party must end between 12pm and 2am (depending on location). It is by island rules and this point is not flexible.


– You can request a quote site by site, but keep in mind that the prices you will receive are commissionable for professionals, so if we or another company that mediates, it will not be more expensive and you will have the advice and experience of an expert.


Requests take time, because in winter the employees and owners rest, so everything can be a bit slower than you expect.


Formentera Natural we can be your link with the restaurant so that the treatment is more fluid since we are on the island all year round and we know many of the owners, this will save you many trips to the island to polish details. If you are interested in this option write to us at

organizar mi boda en formentera

One day or weekend wedding in Formentera?

Taking into account the effort of time and travel that the guests will make, we recommend you think of a plan for several days in Formentera.


A good plan for your wedding in Formentera can be:


Reception of the guests: we take care of this 100%. Talk to each guest, see their schedules, book their ferry or transfer, their vehicle and accommodation. We make it very easy for you and at no extra cost.


Pre-wedding: once everyone is on the island, the aperitif at sunset and then a relaxed dinner is mandatory. We have several recommendations to give you depending on your preferences and budgets.


Sailing in Formentera for your wedding: This plan is ideal. Boarding around 10 am and returning around 5/6 pm is perfect for everyone to relax and get to know the best of Formentera. The 100/140-person catamaran also has a Sunset schedule (5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.), in which a DJ, drinks, and food are brought, where they will end up dancing.


On the day of the wedding everything goes into the preparations. The recommended thing is a light plan or to quote the guests directly for the ceremony.


The Ceremony: it can be half day and lunch or Sunset and dinner. Up to you.


The Post Wedding: That day is relaxing. And a meal in a good beach restaurant with time to take a bath is ideal and end the day watching the sunset.


All these are just some ideas to make your wedding unforgettable according to our experience, but everything can be modified according to your preferences.

Ceremonia intima Formentera Playa
Formentera wedding prices:

Obviously the budgets vary according to the needs of each couple. However, there is a starting point: weddings in Formentera will never be cheap and you should think of a medium, high or very high budget.

1. How much does a wedding in Formentera cost?

The ideal is always to make the query by email and not by phone, since this way there is a record of what was discussed, in addition the budgets must be personalized for each order and as we have told you in the previous point, it usually takes a while for the response of the providers.


But so that you have a general idea below we detail the prices for a wedding in Formentera 2023:

2. Wedding prices in Formentera 2023

The prices that we will present to you are approximate, and must be adjusted to each request and season, take them as a general reference that will allow you to have a first idea:


Ferry Ibiza/Formentera: €40 round trip per person


Vehicles: from €40 per day by car and €25 for scooters.


Accommodation for guests and bride and groom: (see all our accommodation options)




a- Economic: €250 to €350 per night per double room.


b- Average: €400 to €700 per night per double room.


c- The Best: from 800 onwards per double room.


Houses and Villas:


a- The economic: €400 in low season per night for 6 people with swimming pool.


b- The average: €550 to €800 per night in low season for 6/8 people with a pool.


c- Villas: from €1,000 to €1,500 per night in September with swimming pool.


Boat up to 20 people: up to 10 people €1,200 / from 15 to 20 people: €2,400 + catering extras.


Boat for 100 people: €4,500 approx. in September (later adding catering, DJ and drinks bar).


Chiringuitos: a mojito at a beach bar starts at €12 and up. Rods from €6 to €12.


Lunches and dinners: prices for groups per guest range from €65 to €170 per person (the drinks offered in this pack are usually few and basic, then extra drinks are paid).


Private restaurant: from €22,000 in low season (for example Chezz Gerdi) to €60,000 in high season (for example Casa Pacha).


DJ in the restaurant: from €650 onwards. Separate lights except in the places where they are included in the premises.


Wedding Planner: the prices of a person dedicated to your event vary if it is something small or a large event, if it is a half day or a full day. A Wedding busy with organizing your event from scratch and then spending that day in full can start at €1,400 for the full day.


Ceremony: this must be budgeted by modules, for example:

Lectern, Arch of flowers, chairs, carpet, sound equipment, arrangements and details. At this point there are no more than 5 places in Formentera that have all the necessary furniture, their prices are per pack and they are not cheap. You can calculate something basic from €1,800 onwards for about 40 people.


Master of Ceremony: from €450 onwards depending on time and language. There is also an option to do the musical accompaniment for an extra.


Photographer: a basic pack starts at €1,000 for about 700 images, up to over €1,700. Filming is usually separate.


Hairstyles: a hairdo at the hotel starts at €80 per person.


Musicians: they usually charge by the hour and here the number of members depends.


Classic Mehari: from €90 per day in September.


You can consult us for any of these detailed services or request a pack with several of them. We are at your disposal:

Formentera wedding planner

Can I have my wedding on the beach of Formentera? Knowing that it is not allowed.

This is a sensitive issue. One can risk mounting everything with enthusiasm and just that day find a control. Is it worth the risk? That already depends on each one, since there are some companies that still continue to do so without any inconvenience.


Our advice: if it is a small wedding (with the bride and groom, friends or very close people), from 2 to 8 people, it is an option. You can find arch alternatives, basic decoration and some details (without the guests sitting) for around €600 total. This ceremony will take place in a specific place and will last approximately one hour. (generally at sunset) If this option interests you, write us an email for more information.


Now, if the number of people is more that 8, or if you are thinking of something more elaborate, we would not recommend it.

casamiento en formentera
Event organizer in Formentera:

1. Wedding Planner in Formentera: 

There is an important point here, as I said before, the island has its times and an idiosyncrasy of townspeople. On the other hand, on the island it is important to know the locals so that they can give you a hand. It is common when they come to Formentera Wedding Planner from the peninsula, that they have some difficulty when it comes to organizing or solving last minute problems due to the simple fact of not knowing the people who live here.


This is why we always recommend hiring a local Wedding Planner. Or someone who does the season here every year. The truth is that there are not many (not much more than 6) and in general they all have a very good level of service. And the difference is usually in the experience with the number of guests.


At Formentera Natural, we do not consider ourselves a Wedding Planner (although every year we have several weddings), we are facilitators of services and contracts. If you want a list of organizers, it will be a pleasure to help you, although from our experience we could recommend someone in particular according to the characteristics of your event. Write us with your query without commitments to the email and we will send you their contacts.


The price of an event planner in Formentera is agreed upon in a call or interview and is related to the event (whether it is Pre-wedding, Wedding, Post or just one of those options). Price inquiries are free of charge.

2. Can I be my own Wedding Planner in Formentera?

Always depending on one’s character and if you can travel to the Island a few times in advance. Why do we say that character is important: because Formentera is an island with very few inhabitants, the concept is that of a town and the idiosyncrasy is to go relaxed and without claims. If you are a city person, accustomed to the rhythm of the city and expect to find a strict level of service. Well, we do not recommend it, because you will spend a lot of nerves and stuck in simple things. Here the best option is a Wedding Planner that serves as a link for you.

Now, if the couple is relaxed, and is only thinking about having a good time understanding that the rhythms of responses and services are typical of a town, then in that case you can dare without problems.


If your decision is to be your own Wedding Planner in Formentera, we can be of great help to you, either with hiring and especially with the guests, which is usually a mess for the bride and groom (see their schedules, contract their services, see their accommodation, etc). Undoubtedly, the guest theme is not something that we recommend that the bride and groom wear, since we have seen brides hours before getting married pending a delayed flight of a guest or a problem with the car rental.


Another third option is to hire a Wedding Planner for specific details, for example the day of the ceremony (time when it is better to just enjoy and relax knowing that someone will solve any mishap), and the bride and groom take care of the pre-wedding and post-wedding.

Ceremonia intima Formentera Playa
Our wedding services:

1. How can Formentera Natural help you with your wedding?

If you need help because it will be the organizer of your event, or because you are a company from outside the island that needs someone to facilitate things in Formentera. We can take care of:


1- Transfer from the Ibiza Airport to the Port of Ibiza.


2- Ferry or Taxi Boat Ibiza to Formentera


3- Lodging for the bride and groom in a hotel or Villas.


4- Accommodation for guests in houses, Villas and Hotel.


5- Vehicles for the couple and the guests (car, scooter or bicycle).


6- Transfer in private Van.


7- Recommendations and restaurants booking.


8- Mediation with decoration and furniture companies for the party (there are only 3 on the island).


9- Contracting of Boats, Catamarans or Luxury Yachts. .


10- Extra services: musicians, hairdresser, photographer, filming, etc.


And most importantly: we are in Formentera to solve any request.

2. What is the price of Formentera Natural services for weddings?

Our services do not have an extra cost for our clients in most of the points listed above. Our commercial agreements are directly with the suppliers, so the client will find exactly the same price as if he consults on his own.


The exception to this is: if the client wants a private monitoring of the service, or if they want a person from our Staff dedicated to the event full time. In that case the price is depending on the characteristics of the event and the number of people.

Boda Hippie Chic en Formentera
High level events:

1. Luxury wedding in Formentera.

If you plan to have a high-profile wedding in Formentera, the sites are quite short. According to our experience, Casa Pacha and Gecko are the first option. Chezz Gerdi or Es Moli de Sal the second. The first two have special organizers of events of this type. So we usually advise the client on his preferences and then put him in contact with the right person.


In luxury weddings in Formentera we have organized private transfers on yachts from Ibiza, reception of world-famous clients or transfers in special vans. In general, there is always an external company that mediates that we assist.


If you are thinking of a wedding of this type, we can guide you in the main differences of each place, as well as provide the necessary assistance that is required (this is very particular, since the requests can be as disparate as a famous DJ or a game of wines of a year and cellar in particular).

2. Luxury Formentera Wedding.

In Luxury weddings in Formentera I think that the vital thing is to understand that the event will be relaxed, very Boho Chic. If you are thinking of a more classic wedding, we sincerely believe that Ibiza is a better option with more polished services for this type of event. Before or after the party, you can make a day visit to Formentera with the guests (we can also help you with this 😊).

Ceremonia intima Formentera Playa

Menu tests

It is very possible that you should travel to Formentera to sample the menu and finalize details, but keep in mind that almost the entire island closes from the end of November to the beginning of May.

Formentera Hippie

Where to go if we want to continue the party

This point is very important to keep in mind. By island regulations, restaurants must turn off the music around 12 pm or 2 am (depending on where the place is located).


If you have planned your wedding and the atmosphere invites you to continue dancing, the only option is to move the guests.


In 2022, one of the mythical places to dance in Formentera, the Blue Bar, decided not to have any more parties. So in 2023, if the works are finished, the only places to dance will be the old Tipic (future Pacha) and the old Pineta (future Amnesia). In both you can get a ticket for groups and reserved tables with drinks included, if someone wants to continue the party.

Formentera wedding planner

What experience does Formentera Natural have organizing weddings?

We have been organizing activities for private groups and weddings since 2015. We have worked with many wedding couples, anniversaries or marriage proposals over the years making their dreams come true, whether it is taking care of the celebration, the attention of the guests, the activities pre and post wedding, as well as car rental and accommodation.


All the photos you see on this website are from our events. We’ll be happy to provide you with contacts if you need more references and you can visit our Google Maps reviews for feedback on any of them.