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Formentera Wedding on the beach

Formentera Wedding

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We like to organize weddings in Formentera for small groups (2 to 40 people), in a relaxed and fun style …. very Formentera style.

We can organize the whole event in an integral way, or if you prefer to be your own wedding planner you can ask us only for the services you need.

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Your intimate wedding in Formentera

We can help you with:

The wedding site (house or restaurant).

Guest and boyfriend accommodation.

Ceremony on the beach in Formentera.

Catering for your party.

Complementary activities: Sunset cocktail / Brunch / Island tour / Boat trip / Picnic on the beach / etc.

Group menus in restaurants.

Mehari for the wedding in Formentera.

Ibiza-Formentera ferry reservation with special price for groups.

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How to organize a wedding in Formentera?

All you need to know

Formentera is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, but organizing the event can be more complicated than you imagine. The island is small and the availability of accommodation and restaurants is soon saturated.

Below we give you 10 useful recommendations to organize the best wedding in Formentera.

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1. What is the best month for a wedding in Formentera?

The best months are May, June (before San Juan), September and October. The weather is good and there is greater availability of services.

In the months of July and August, high season, it is very difficult to get accommodation for short stay, so if your intention is to celebrate it in high season you must start with the organization a year and a half before.

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2. Where can I have a wedding in Formentera?

For intimate weddings, renting a house, farmhouse or rural villa for the party can be an excellent plan, in Formentera Natural we have some good alternatives with which we have been working for years -but always thinking in small groups-.


If you want a wedding next to the beach, or with many guests, there are several restaurants and beach clubs that will be fantastic for the event. The list of classic restaurants to celebrate a wedding in Formentera are: 10.7, Flipper, Es Molí de Sal, Can Carlitos, Sa Sequi, Chezz Guerdi, Gecko. We can also be your link with the restaurant so that the deal is more fluid since we are on the island all year.

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3. One day or weekend wedding?

Taking into account the time and travel effort that guests will make, we recommend you think of a plan for the entire weekend in Formentera.

A good plan for those days is: a pre / post wedding sailing in catamaran with all your guests (with catering and music), a brunch the morning after the party or a cocktail at sunset in a beach bar (Pirata Bus, Beso Beach, 10.7, Flipper …).

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4. How much cost a wedding in Formentera?

Obviously budgets vary according to the needs of each couple. The ideal is always to make the query by email and not by phone, since this is a record of the conversation, in addition the budgets must be customized for each order. When writing you must specify us especially: the date, the number of guests, the client’s profile, the ages, and a basic description of what you dream.

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5. Can I make my wedding at the beach in Formentera?

This is a sensitive issue. The island is small and in high season its beaches are very crowded so it is not an option to make an intimate wedding on the beaches of Formentera. Nor are private events allowed on the beaches without a special authorization, as well as loud music. So what is the alternative? The alternatives are two:


1- Hire a restaurant on the beach with license for events if there are many guests.

2- Opt for less busy months and perform a small ceremony with few guests on the beach, always respecting local laws and the environment. For this we have services that meet these requirements.

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6. Can you have a priest for the ceremony?

The usual thing is to do the celebration in Formentera after getting married. The reasons is if you want to marry for the Civil, you need to be registered on the island.

If you want to perform a representative ceremony on the beach, you can ask one of the guests to officiate as master of ceremonies, but there are two people on the island who usually perform this trade.

Casarse en Formentera

7. Can I arrive in Mehari to the wedding in Formentera?

A classic of Formentera is to arrive at the wedding in Mehari, but you should keep in mind that the quantity of these vehicles is limited and white cars are even scarcer, so they must be booked well in advance. Another point to keep in mind is that they are old cars, not so easy to drive and failures are more common.

Casarse en Formentera Playa

8. Can I work with Formentera Natural if I am a wedding planner?

We have worked with many wedding planner in Formentera. They usually hire us specific services, such as a catamaran ride, the accommodation of some guests, their vehicles or simply a general advice if they are not from the island (Formentera in the background is a quiet town, with its times and idiosyncrasies that there are to know how to understand).

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9. Why choose Formentera Natural?

The main strength of our company is its polifacetismo, which allows it to have specialists in accommodation, vehicles, activities and a total dedication to each event. The second is our ability to solve any unforeseen.

And most importantly: we are in Formentera.

Boda Hippie Chic en Formentera

10. What experience does Formentera Natural have organizing weddings?

We organize activities for private groups and weddings since 2015. We have worked with more than ten couples trying to make their dreams come true, whether it is taking care of the celebration, the attention of the guests, the pre and post wedding activities, as well as the rental of vehicles and accommodations for all guests. All the photos you see on this website are from our events. We will gladly provide you with contacts if you need more references.