Scooter rental Formentera
Scooter rental Formentera

Scooter rental Formentera

Motorcycle rental in Formentera

motorcycle rental Formentera

Includes helmets and insurance with excess.

Office in: the Port, Es Pujols, Migjorn, Cala Saona and Ca Marí.

Offers from Ibiza with Ferry + Scooter for the day.

ir a Formentera

Scooter rental Formentera. Our most popular models:

At the bottom of this page you will find our reservation system, based on your dates, select the model that you liked.

Moto barata Formentera

Scooter 50 cc

The cheapest scooters.

49 or 50 cc for 2 passengers.

Ideal if you come for the day.

Alquiler moto en Formentera

Basic 125 cc

The most economical 125 cc motorcycle.

Internal trunk under the seat.

Good price and quality.

Alquiler Vespa Formentera


The classic.

125cc of power with style.

Reserve in advance.

rentar scooter Formentera

125 cc with trunk.

With trunk for helmets.

Autonomy and comfort.

The best if you stay on the island.

Moto electrica Formentera

Eléctrica 125 cc

Puntos de carga en toda la isla.

Gran autonomía, baterías nuevas.

Reservar con anticipación.

Scooter rental Formentera

Ferry + Scooter for the day

Price: €115 approximately.

2 round trip ferry + 1 motorcycle.

Web reservations.

Formentera by motorcycle or scooter

All you need to know

If you are looking for a rental, the ideal vehicle for Formentera is the dcooter in terms of comfort and price. The island is small and with a lot of traffic in the summer, so it is refreshing to get around by motorbike or scooter. The main advantages are the parking (which is not easy, especially in August), on the other hand, car parking is paid per hour and motorcycles do not require payment.


For the cautious who worry about rain, in summer it usually never rains.

What do I need to rent a motorcycle in Formentera?

To rent a motorcycle in Formentera the following is required:


ID card or passport.


-Valid driver’s license from your country or international permit if there is no agreement.


-Credit/Debit card or cash to pay the deposit (€20 in all cases).

What minimum age is required to drive a scooter in Formentera?

To rent any type of vehicle you must be over 18 years of age. There are no exceptions on this point, although in other countries the driving ages are different.

Is a driver’s license required in Formentera?

For any motorcycle or scooter in Formentera, a driving license is necessary, what varies is the age requested.


– For 49 and 50 cc scooters no age of more than 2 years is required.


– For 125 cc motorcycles or Quads in Formentera, the relevant licenses or “B” car driver’s license with an age of more than 3 years are valid.


– If you are a foreigner, Spain has valid agreements with all the countries of the European Union and some specific countries. For tourists from countries outside of this convention, a vehicle-specific international driver’s license is required. The seniority requested varies by country.

Can two people go on a scooter in Formentera?

All the motorcycle and scooter options on this website (including the 49 cc) are approved for two people. Both must circulate with a helmet.

Are the two helmets included in the price of the scooters in Formentera?

All motorcycle rentals in Formentera include two helmets.


– The 49 and 50 cc motorcycles are rented with open (or classic) helmets, as it is regulated.

– For the most powerful motorcycles (110 and 125 cc) you can choose between two models of full-face helmets. Keep in mind that not all motorcycles have the option of storing two full-face helmets in the trunk, which is why you will see that many 125 cc models have a trunk (one of the helmets is placed in that trunk and the other under the seat).

Is the insurance included in the motorcycle rental in Formentera?

Yes, all-risk insurance is included with the Franchise. Depending on the model of the motorcycle, the amount of the franchise varies. For example:


49, 50 and some 110 and 125 cc: the franchise is €400 and €6 per day is required to eliminate it.

Vespa, Honda Scoopy and higher: the franchise is €500/600 and removing it is €8 or 10 per day.


All information below:

What is the franchise in Formentera?

The motorcycle franchise in Formentera is the maximum amount that must be paid in the hypothetical case of damage or theft.


For example: if the excess is 400 euros, in case of damage the client must pay a maximum of 400 euros for the repair, from there the expenses will be borne by the insurance.

Can you rent a motorcycle in Formentera without franchise?

There is the option of requesting the elimination of the franchise, the cost will depend on the rented motorcycle, for example:


€6 per day (€180 excess) models Piaggio Typhoon 49cc, Sym symphony 125cc, Honda Vision 110cc, Honda Mode 125cc, Peugeot Tweet 125cc, Piaggio Liberty.


€8 per day (excess €300) Honda SH 125cc, Vespa 125cc, Suzuki Van Van models.


€10 per day (€300 excess) Quad models Quad, Ducati, BMW.


This means that the client will not have to pay anything in case of damage or theft. It is decided to remove or not the franchise at the time of removing the motorcycle, not before.

The cheapest Scooter Rental in Formentera.

It is important to take into account that the prices they offer you are final (in many cases they do not include insurance, helmets, etc.). All companies have franchises, the point is that the policies are clear. Another fundamental point is that there are different delivery offices, a good price is of no use to you if you will spend €18 for a taxi to pick up your motorcycle.


In conclusion, the prices on the island are unified except for small differences of a few euros, we would advise you to look for quality and not price, since in the end you will see that all the costs are quite similar.

Is gasoline included in the Formentera port scooter rental?

No, just as we give you the tank with gasoline, you must return it the same, (usually full) otherwise the extra used will be charged.

Where to refuel in Formentera?

The island of Formentera only has two gas stations, both on the main road, one Cepsa near La Savina and Repsol near Sant Ferrán.


When planning the delivery of your motorcycle in Formentera, keep in mind that in the afternoons, when everyone goes to the port to return their motorcycle, the lines at the gas station are usually quite long (especially in August). To avoid this delay you can complete the tank before, you will see that in a full tank, a few kilometers do not make a difference.

Can I rent a scooter in the port of Formentera for a few hours?

If you come from Ibiza for the day, follow this link to learn about our ferry offers + 125 cc motorcycles.


But if what you are looking for is a very low price for one or two hours of rental, keep in mind that the rental is done by the day, not by the hour, the same will happen to you with all the companies.

Can I take suitcases on a motorcycle in Formentera?

If the suitcase is not big, you can carry it perfectly between your legs (or you can organize to bring part of the luggage in a backpack and part in a suitcase). However, if your suitcase is big and you plan to get around on a motorcycle, you have the option of taking a taxi to your accommodation (about €12 to €20 depending on the place) and ask us to deliver the motorcycle there. This service is free of charge as long as we do not have an office nearby, where you can come and pick up the motorcycle yourself.


To see all our offices follow this reservation system. If you cannot find an office nearby, the procedure is to choose in the reservation drawer: “Drop Off – Accommodation in Observations” in “Pickup” and “Return”, after completing the chosen motorcycle, in step 3 put in “Observations” that you want home delivery, being very precise with the address, the delivery time and your contact information.

Take the motorcycle to my accommodation in Formentera

We have several pick up points throughout the island (La SavinaEs PujolsMigjorn km 13Ca Mari), however, we can take the motorcycle to your accommodation free of charge in case you are not near any of our offices. In the question above you can read the indications.

What happens if my motorcycle breaks down in Formentera?

We have free assistance in case of a breakdown. This consists of going to the place where you have had a problem and if we cannot solve it, we will change your motorcycle right there. The emergency number will be in your contract and the information that you will be asked for is the one that appears there.


This service is limited to the availability of our rescue vehicle, so the waiting time will depend on the proximity and occupation that our staff have at that moment. In general, it is usually an agile service, although in the middle of the high season there may be some delays.


On the other hand, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the service is interrupted for staff rest (in May and October from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

How much does gasoline cost for a rental scooter in Formentera?

Filling the tank of a 49cc scooter can cost approximately €6/8.

For a €125 motorcycle, the price can rise to around €8/10.

Is there a pack with total insurance, without franchise and gasoline included?

Refueling the gasoline back is usually the most tedious if you go with suitcases or in a hurry to the port. If you want to relax and not worry about a thing, we have a pack with an extra cost of approx. €12 per day that includes: delivery fuel (you can return it with the tank almost empty if you like), total insurance and not having to pay any extra franchise .


This pack is requested when signing the contract in the offices, it cannot be requested before.

Where to get offer Ferry from Ibiza + Motorbike in Formentera?

By following this link you can get a Ferry + Moto 125 cc offer Ibiza to Formentera.


Final prices with VAT 2024:


– 1 fast return ferry + 1 125 cc motorcycle: €78 approx.

– 2 fast return ferry + 1 125 cc motorcycle: €115 approx.

Opening and closing hours scooter rental offices in Formentera

The La Savina Port office is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The other offices and the assistance service work from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

What route to do in a day on a motorcycle or scooter in Formentera?

Follow this link in Goolge Maps

to see a suggested tour for a day in Formentera by Motorcycle.


1- Go from the Port of La Savina towards Ses Illetes, where you will find the most famous beaches on the island. As it is a park, they will ask you for a payment of €3/4 per vehicle.


2- After a bit of beach you can go to visit the tourist town of Es Pujols and enjoy its charming town.


3- The Migjorn beaches are a Formentera classic, if you want to get to know them the best thing to do is go to the Pirata Bus and try their mojitos.


4- At sunset, the Es Cap de Barbería Lighthouse is a must-see for its beauty. Keep in mind that you will have to walk about 15 minutes from the parking lot to the Lighthouse.


5- If you have time before returning, go through the main town: San Francesc.


6 – And return to La Savina, the final delivery time for motorcycles is at 8:30 p.m. If you want to stay enjoying the port, the last ferry leaves at 11 PM in summer.

Prices and Reservations: